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A brief guide on Credit score related queries

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What is credit score?

Great to start, A credit score is a numeric term assigned to your credit profile after careful evaluation of your creditworthiness. Generally, it may range from -1 to 5 till 6 months after that your credit score depends entirely on your credit utilization & repayment.

What is considered a good credit score India?

While different lenders have their own criteria for rating credit scores, Then you may have query what is the ideal credit score that is a good fit to consider while trying to apply for home loans, Home loan balance transfer & Personal loans online. Don’t worry here is the answer 750 or more is to go score for unsecured loans for secured there is chances to go up to 650 still try chances are 50/50.

Lenders usually use your 3-digit credit score to help determine whether they will accept you for a loan or a credit card. In general, high score, good opportunities accepted. With a good credit score, you can save at interest rates.

However, a particular score does not guarantee that you will get approval for credit or lower interest rates, but it may help you decide which one to apply for the area where you are standing.

What is a free credit score?

According to the recent RBI changes, every credit bureau must provide one credit score for free in a year. So if you would like to understand your spendings and keep track on your financial health then you can send us an invite by just visiting https://www.mymoneykarma.com

Note: The credit score may range from 300 to 850. Checking your credit score with https://www.mymoneykarma.com is easy and can be done every month to see how your credit is performing.

Is it bad to check your credit score?

No, Checking your credit score is n’t a bad thing, of course, you are doing a great job to balance your credit spending. So here are two things that you must keep a note, If you check your credit score through mymoneykarma.com then that would be treated as a soft enquiry and till will not affect your present score.

As you know how to what is credit score, how to get it, free credit score now it’s time to see the negative aspects like:

What is considered a bad credit score?

So that really a good question knowing the in’s and out’s are essential for maintaining a good credit history.

Good credit score: 700 to 850.
Average credit score: 620 to 679.
Low credit score: 580 to 619.
Poor credit score: 500 to 579.

How can I improve my credit score fast?

Improve your credit with these 7 simple steps


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