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6 Things You Need to Know About Home Loan Balance Transfer with Top Up Benefits 2018

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What Is the Home Loan Balance Transfer in 2018?

Transfer of existing home loan to another bank or NBFC (Non-Banking Financial Company), a process that provides better services and interest rates. The total outstanding loan amount will be transferred to the selected bank. The application of the borrower application must be applied.


When you balance transfer the home loan, is home loan insurance transferred?

According to the general financial logic let me explain you with an example: when you sell your bike you are supposed to reframe or rename your insurance on the  name of the party those who are interested to buy your bike in the same way the logic of insurance on home loan balance transfer works because insurance is a separate entity.

Do banks entertain balance transfer of home loan in the xxx city if the property doesn’t have Khata yet?

Khata is an account and account of a person with a property in the city of Kata. There are two types of account: Khata Certificate and Kata Extract. Different names are known in different states. This basically ensures that the apartment has been built according to an entry and indirectly approved plan in the local municipality’s record.

For two reasons Khata is required for certification: to register a new asset and transfer any property. Khata can get from Assistant Revenue Officer (related areas). This certificate must have the owner of any property.

After paying the tax, Khata is certified for any new registration. The Khata certificate is not a particular asset is the name of ‘n’ person x. This certificate must be applied for water connection, electricity connection, trade license and building license. A kata certificate is only issued to the property owner or his family members. Nobody can take on his behalf.

Details from the QATA Extract Assessment Registration It is necessary to obtain a commercial license or buy a particular property. It is collected from an estimated registration of any particular property. It is named after the details of the property, the size of the property, the use of property (commercial purpose, residence), the annual value, the last estimate. Extract only to get these details of any property.

You need this for home loan balance transfer or for new home loans
Yes: Yes
The original need: Yes


My Recent Guide on Home loan balance transfer 2018  – All You Need to Know about Home Loan Balance Transfer

Factors to consider While DoingHome Loan Balance Transfer in 2018

When transferring your debt, you should consider many other factors. Not active, and taking into consideration all the factors involved will help you decide on the info.

• Interest rates are sometimes promoted to a campaign or advertising strategy to attract new customers. Make sure that your new lender has good market credibility.

• If your bank has new bank prepay charges to transfer your loan balance, check how much savings you can transfer to your loan?

• Costs for credit transfer will give you an idea of additional charges and hidden expenses. This includes advance closing charges through stamp duty, processing fees and current bank.

• Make sure that your new lender offers low-interest rates for a limited period, otherwise you will have to pay a standard interest rate.

• You will not regret it after reading the fine print. Read all the terms and conditions you know if you have hidden clauses.

• Double check to see if your new bank offers good quality services. You definitely do not need to face hassles again!

The biggest advantage of home loan balance transfer is to save money. Are you eligible for this facility? If you are in the age group of 21-65 years with a clear history of liabilities of 12-24 months on your existing housing loan (between the lender’s policy), with a minimum of one year service with your current employer, you are entitled to a balance of home loan balance. Some banks may consider your gross family income, minimum CIBIL score and clear credit history.


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