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Understand Your Credit Score And Report Get Yours Now 09 Feb 2018

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Understand Your Credit Score And Report Get Yours Now

What is a CIBIL Score and Report?

A credit score or CIBIL score is a three-digit numeric summary of your credit history. This score was obtained using the credit history found on the CIR. CIR is the person’s credit payment history throughout the lending types and credit institutions. CIR does not include details of your savings, investments or fixed deposits.

How do I check details of my account number and member name mentioned in myCIBIL Report?

You can get your CIBIL score and CIR for free to check just fill up E-KYC. This report contains full details of your credit history in various lenders and products, allowing you to check everything.

How do I read myCIBIL Report?

CIR has detailed info on the credit history such as a home loan, automobile loans, credit card, personal loan, overdraft facility. You can understand your CIR document here for your reference. You can also see the tutorials that explain the various details of the CIR. Below are the key sections of the CIR

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What do the various terms used in the Credit Information Report (CIR) mean?

What are the various terminologies used in Cibil ?

I have an add-on credit card. Why are the details reflecting on my account when I am not liable to pay?

It is also noteworthy if the primary cardholder is responsible for the payment of fare at both primary and add-on credit card. Any default primary and add-on card holder in payments should be reflected in the CIR of the holder.

Why are the loans for which I am a guarantor showing up on my report?

Banks and financial institutions ask for some loans as a way of securing a loan that they can guarantee. In any form of debt, a guarantor is equally responsible to repay the loan. Hence, the guarantor guarantees the lender to be responsible if the applicant fails to do so. If the guarantor fails to pay on time affects your credit score any default on loan payment.

I don’t recognize the loan accounts mentioned against my name in the report. Can I get more details?

You can identify the Accounts in the report given by the bank by clicking here. Help me with more details related to Credit score

I have closed all my accounts on time with the bank and have NOC. Why is it still showing as outstanding on my report?

This is still reflected on your Credit Report, the same information is not provided by CIBIL by the relevant Credit Institution (CI). You can increase the dispute with CIBIL and we will update you with a response from CI. According to the 2005 Credit Information Companies (Regulation) Act, we can not edit any information in the database without verification from the relevant credit institution.

You will receive a confirmation from the Credit Institution about the data submission revised to CIBIL, you can check its updated status by clicking here. Get your updated credit score & Credit report online

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