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How to improve your credit score

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While the credit score is sanctioned for new enhanced credit/lending. Your credit card and debt repayment track reflect the record score. It’s important to have a good credit score when applying for a loan. Here are the ways.

Time EMIS, credit card expiration

Pay EMIS and credit card dues before the due date. If for any reason it is not possible to pay the timely payments, contact the lending institution and seek loan rebuild. You can enter an auto debit instruction with your bank to deduct alerts for due dates or deduct the expiry date.

Using the credit card cleverly

Due to the minimum amount due, but the best amount of time should be paid before the date due to a good credit standing only to stand out. As a habit of altering, it always uses a debit card instead of credit card for making daily purchases and expenses.

Checking the difference

It’s important to keep track of someone’s credit report and see if there are any differences. In the case of any distinctions, the credit information bureau should be highlighted by raising a question/dispute.

Keeping low credit

And when funds are available, it is wise to close unsecured loans (personal loan, credit cards) and then secured loans (housing loans, car loan).

Note the points

The joint account holder’s low credit score also prevents loan opportunities in a joint loan application *. It is important to check the joint customer’s score beforehand.

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