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Guide to home loans: how to calculate cost, apply, switch and pre-close

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You usually take a home loan either for a house / flat or a house, or renovation, extension, and repairs for a home purchase for your existing home construction.

How much credit am I eligible for?

Before you start a home loan policy, it will depend primarily on your ability, which will determine your total liability. Depending on your monthly disposable/surplus income, the monthly income/spouse’s income, assets, liabilities, income stability, etc. surplus is less than monthly expenses, and other factors, depending on your monthly recyclables

Make sure you can see the time indebtedness. High monthly disposable income, the higher the amount you will have to qualify for. Generally, a bank assumes that your monthly surplus / disposable income is about 50% refundable. For the tenure, the interest rate also determines the loan amount. Furthermore, banks generally address applicants on housing loans that affect someone’s livelihood, to address a higher age limit.

What is the maximum amount I can borrow?

Most lenders require 10-20% of the home purchase’s purchase price as you down payment from. It is also called ‘one’s own contribution’ by some lenders. The value of the property is 80-90%, with the lender being financed. The entire financial sum also includes registration, transfer, and stamp duty charges.

Although the lender has a high qualification calculation, the amount does not require a loan. Even a small amount can be borrowed. An interest rate is kept at a minimum so that the down payment amount and the home loan should try to make minimal maximum arrangements.

Is a co-applicant required for a home loan?

Yes, it has a co-applicant (mostly) mandatory. Anyone who has the property co-owner in question, he/she also needs to be co-applicant for a home loan. If you are the sole owner of the property, any co-applicant in your immediate family will be your co-applicant.

What documents are normally applicable for loan approval?

The loan application form gives a checklist of documents to attach it along to the photograph. In addition to all the legal documents relating to the purchase of a home, the bank will also submit your salary and residency standards, the latest salary slip (authorized by the self-employed and authorized by you) and submit Form 16 or Income Tax return and apply to the Bank Statement / Balance Sheet for the last 6 months (For entrepreneurs / self-employed). Some lenders may also require securities such as life insurance policies, pledged shares, national savings, mutual fund units, bank deposits or other investments.

What is the payment of sanction and debt?

Based on documentary proof, whether or not the bank can grant a loan or decides to provide you. The credit quantity that is granted will depend on this. The bank will give you a sanction letter stating the loan amount, tenure interest rate, home loan and many other terms. The terms declared shall be valid until the date mentioned in the letter.

If the loan is actually handed over to you, it will pay sums of debt. This is done by doing the bank’s technical, judicial and evaluative exercises. A loan amount will be agreed upon in the amount of time distributed against what is stated in a sanction letter. At the stage of delivery, you need to submit the title of the allotment letter, the certificate of photocopies to sell the loan certificate and the documents. The payment date will apply to the interest rate and will be one according to the sanction letter. In such a case, a new sanction letter should be prepared.

How is it delivered?

The loan can usually be delivered in no more than three surpasses or in instalments. In the case of an under construction asset, the distribution is in instalments based on the progress of the structure, as the developer is expected and not required by the lender according to the contract. Make sure that the developer entered into a contract where the payments are linked to construction work and not predefined in a time-based schedule. In the case of a fully built property, the distribution is completed.

What are the interest rate options?

Home loan rates may be fixed or flexible. In the second, the rate of interest was fixed, but the whole tenor of the debt was fixed for the loan.

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What is the marginal cost of funding for the underlying lending rate (MCLR)?

The lending rate (MCLR) based on funding has been put in place for all loans, including home loans, a new method of bank loan, known as spending, has been linked to the bank base rate of loans, after 1 April 2016. Base rate borrowers will have the opportunity to switch to MCLR if new borrowers after April 1, 2016, can only take MCLR Linked Loans.

Under the MCLR mode, banks have to review every month of the month, a month, three months, six months, a year, two years and three years MCRR rates. Real loan rates are determined by adding parts of the MCLR. So 8% of the 1-year MCLR may place a spread of 0.5% so the actual loan rate will be 8.5%.

The banks may have a reset clause that includes the date of resetting their interest on floating rate loans and currently has 12 months. The periodic reset of a reset is a year or less. The MCLR lending of the day will be applicable to the date of reset due to benchmark changes regardless of the interim period.

For most MCLR Linked Homeland contracts, banks reserve the interest rate after 12 months. If anybody has taken a loan from a bank, (EMIS) May 2016, the next reset date May 2017 India (RBI) will not be affected by monthly instalments to consider any compositions of Reserve Bank of India or banks.

Interest rate scenario, quarterly or half-yearly reset option is better, the bank will agree. But when the interest rate cycle changes, the borrower will be at a disadvantage. After moving to the MCLR system, there is always the risk of any upward movement of interest rates before you reach a reset period. If the RBI raises repo rates, the MCLR, too, will move up.

What is the base rate and what will you do if your home loan is linked to it?

All Rupee Loans and Credit Limits The price indicated by the newly created (but before April 1, 2016) base rate since July 1, 2010. There may be only one base rate for each bank. Under it, banks have the freedom to calculate the cost of funding based on the average cost of funds or fund marginal cost.

Post-MCLR, the base rate link may continue to be repaid or renewal, as existing loans may be the case. The MCLR Linked Loan will have the option to move the existing borrowers with mutually acceptable terms.

What are the costs involved in taking a home loan?

When you take on a home loan, you just do not pay EMI on debt. While all apply to each instance, there are many other allegations. The loan amount may be about 0.5-1% of a processing fee. At times, lenders get rid of it. For some high-value assets, complete two values, and consider two lower credit sanctions. Lenders call technical analysis fees. Most lenders are engaged in companies that test borrowers’ legal papers. Generally, banks have a processing fee of zero, but some public sector (PSU) lenders are exempted.

What is an EMI?

EMIS debt repayment in which you are both prime and interested. Repayment by EMI starts from the next month that you will pay a full refund.

How does a lender repay?

Typically, lenders offer different modes of debt repayment. One can issue a banker’s instructions to pay in instalments through ECS (Electronic Clearing System), apply for direct exemption of monthly instalments by your employer or post-dated checks from your salary account.

How does my debt change dynamically?

In addition to the interest paid by EMI that gives one month, it is a fundamental part. Ideally, when the monthly principle is paid, the extraordinary debt should also end each month and end up paying an interest only on an outstanding loan. Many banks follow the policy based on a monthly reduction.

Can you close your loan ahead of schedule?

A front shutter can lend its original tenure forward. If you have a floating interest rate, any charge will be applicable. If you have a fixed rate, a charge may vary.

What is the advance payment as part of a home loan? Does it help prep?

Partial pre-payment typical EMIS additionally refers to any payment made by the borrower. This directly reduces the top main amount and needs to be calculated on the reduced capital. Reduced advance payments reduction in interest payments will help reduce debt tenure. The higher the advance payment amount and the period, the more your savings.

What documents should I receive from the bank every year against EMIS?

Every home loan lender shows how the whole interest and principle is expected to be refunded over the course of many years

What are the tax benefits on home loans?

The basic benefit of the entire annual EMIS is tax benefit under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act. It is also worthy of partial pre-payment amount, but in the amount of Rs 1.5 lakh under section 80C. Further, if it is a self-occupied asset, the paid interest rate is up to Rs 2 lakh a year.

What should one consider all while taking a home loan?

The lowest EMIS offers a lender, that is, you pay a significant amount of repayment compared to others.

Lenders offer long-term tenure, say, 30 years is not always a good thing. Option one is only sure to pay back early without prepayment charges.

Look if the lender has the home furnishing cost at project cost.

Daily Bulk Supply or Monthly Many Economists / Banks Use Balance Debt Lenders Unlike In Yearly Reduction Balance Method

What do you do if you have a complaint?

If you have a complaint against a scheduled bank, you may be lodged with the bank concerned in writing a specific complaint register that is provided at the branches. Ask for your receipt of a receipt. The official details of your complaint can be bought separately.

If the bank fails to respond within 30 days, you can file a complaint with the Banking Ombudsman. Keep in mind that no other judicial forum pending complaints is not a funeral. The fee of the Officer is charged to settle the customer’s complaint. A unique complaint is given to you for the purpose of tracking the identification number. In addition to the contact details of the RBI website, there is a Banking Ombudsmen list.

Complaints have to be solved by the Ombudsman within the complaint against whose office or bank office. Complaints can be lodged only by writing on a plain paper or online at www.bankingombudsman.rbi.org.in or by submitting an email. Complaint forms are also available at all bank branches.

The complaint can also be lodged by your authorized representative (other than an attorney) or by a user association/forum acting on your behalf. If you are not happy with the decision of the Ombudsman, you can appeal to the Regulatory Authority in RBI.


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