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8 Ways to improve your CIBIL Credit score in 2018?

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cibil credit score 2018

Eight Tips to improve your credit score 2018

What is CIBIL credit score?

The CIBIL credit score is an important term used to determine a qualification for loan approval. Scores are based on your previous credits and will have the last credit with credit methods for credit. The high score means your credit is less valuable to understand enough valuable and low score for any loan approval. Less score will tag you as a risky borrower and lenders do not hesitate to accept your loan.

There are no good or bad credit scores, but lenders will give you credit if the credit score is 700. If you are applying for a loan from customers who feel like an unsafe loan, you have more than 750 before lending to the lender than a loan.

1. Understand your score.

The first step on the way to positively affect your credit score is to understand what it passes. Credit score depends on many of your credit history, your payment history, how much credit you owe, how much credit you get, the length of your credit history and the types of credit you have.

However, two things affect your credit score: on-time payment of your bills and your available balance.

2. If rejected several times, stop applying

If your loan application is rejected many times, every information about the loan will be recorded on the credit report. So, when you apply for a loan in any other bank, your low credit score will be immediately recognized and the bank may refuse your loan application again. In these circumstances, you should wait to improve your score and only after that you have to apply for loans.

3. Pinpoint What You Need to Improve

Obviously, your credit report does not necessarily mean that you have a bad credit. For example, Might be your details are misused or wrongly reported by bank so that it can affect your credit score

Your identity is stolen and the thief misuses your credit.

Even though the restrictions on your state have passed, the collection account is still being reported from years ago.
The bill to pay your ex-payment (your divorce rate) has not been paid for a while and now you are suffering from consequences.

You have defaulted on a debt and now have a number of defaults on credit report, which has been sold to a debt collection.

Your credit information is in conjunction with someone with the same name (recently went through a foreclosure).
Although your credit report is accurate if you still have a bad credit score, why is it important to understand why.

Here are the major credit scoring factors and how each can affect your credit score:

Payment history: If you have a late payment history, lenders will consider you a big risk, and this factor will have a great effect on your bad credit score.

Accounts Age: If you are new to credit and loans, there is not a lot of data to go. You need time to improve your credit scores.

Account mix: Lenders should make sure you can manage different types of credits, such as credit cards and auto loans. If you have the only credit in the form of credit cards, you may be increasing your score.

History of Credit Applications: If a dozen new credit cards are applied this month, why are lenders surprised? You are financially severely disturbed.

4. Remember The length of your credit history matters.

You should not open new credit accounts, increase your available credit or apply for lower credit cards. Due to the length of your credit history, they have a negative impact on your credit scores.

5. Check your credit report.


Your credit report should be regularly checked because it helps to identify two critical issues. The first is the loan or some credit card that shows your delayed payments and defaults. This will provide you with a detailed analysis of the registered events for your credit score.

6. Be patient.

It takes time to rebuild your credit history and positively affects your score. Do not be discouraged if your report does not instantly reflect the work you have done to recover your credit file. Just be patient and continue to work to achieve more control over your finances.

In addition to keeping an eye on your credit balances and accounts, you may consider other ways to get your personal financial control, reducing housing, or creating a detailed budget.

You may write a personal statement to your credit report. This does not affect your score, but potential creditors from future owners can read your credit report.

With a little patience and discipline, you can influence your credit score and credit file. It will take time, but these steps will help you get control of your financial life.

7. Create a Plan to Improve Your Credit Score

If your credit report information is accurate, what you would like to do wrong and work to improve, you can make a plan of action using your mymoneykarma.com the only thing you need to do is send us to get invite code one of our representatives will get in touch with you or send you the invite code then set up an account and see how the plan affects your credit scores. You can also get tips on your problem areas.

8. Fix Your Late Payments

Closing an account will not disappear your final payments. Your best bet is right back to you – Set up and manage your credit cards and liabilities payment deadline alerts. Credit card payment deadlines are pretty easy on your bank or lender website. Check your payment deadlines for your payment schedule.

Tell your credit card issuer or ask them to pay a delay. Maybe you are away from the country on vacation or mailed in check and you do not know whether the bill exists. Credit card companies, in particular, are pretty forgiving if you have a long track record of making payments on time.


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