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4 Common Myths On Cibil Score

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Cibil Score

Here are few common Myths On Cibil Score, Look here:

You can watch a prominent advertisement on TV. A leading businessman comes to the bank seeking a loan. He expects the bank to give Royal Treatment. A salaried employee comes to the bank and displays his credit score. What to guess … It’s 750. Even if the businessman is waiting and surprised the bank manager calls this employee … he gets the royal treatment. The businessman was surprised and his loan was granted. This is the power of the Cibil and its credit score.


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So what exactly is cibil is all about just refer the definition below!

What is cibil?

Here you go – What is a CIBIL report and what does it contain

Credit Information Bureau (India) Limited or CIBIL, Credit Information Company. Banks send your loan payment details every month to Cybill. Depending on your payment history, you give the Cibil TransUnion score of 300 to 900. The score of 750+ was great. Can be granted in your loan time. If you are back on your debt payments or default on your loan, your Cibil score will be very effective. You will get a bad cibil score. Bye bye, tell … that home loan, personal loan … any loan.

You have to know how important and how important the cibil is to have a good subliminal score. There are many myths in the cibil that are equally popular? Let’s try to disperse some of these myths in the cibil.

Well everyone wants to be good not only in real in nature but also financially but few myths will hold them back, Now after reading this blog post, you will realize that!

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Myth # 1: You want to check your Cibil Score. You fear that you have a negative impact on it.

Your friends will have negative marking you have told you every time you apply with the crib to check your CBIL score and your Credit Information Report (CER). Your cylinder score will be reduced. It is very bad to check your Cibil score.


What is the truth?

When you look at your own cybersecurity score, the banks consider it a “soft trial”. A soft trial does not influence your cybersecurity score. It is a good practice to look at at least one cycle score per year. Check your credit information report (CIR), make sure you use all the loans and are in your name. This is necessary to ensure that cheaters do not take credit in your name. Cheaters can get a personal loan in your name and you will get a poor subliminal score. So how will your cibil score be affected? You keep applying for a loan or credit card at several banks. Banks require crib access to your CIR (Credit Information Report) and your CBIL score calls “a strict inquiry”. This tight investigation will be entered in the inquiry section of your credit report. You will be legally questioned with banks for a loan or credit card. It increases the number of hard hearings in your credit report’s trial section. If you perform this kind of behaviour, banks will see you as credit. It undoubtedly shows the need for debt. It affects your cybersecurity score.


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Myth # 2: Cibil is only around the credit bureau


You believe that Cibil is the only credit bureau. There are no other credit bureaus.

What is the truth?

Sure, Cibil is the most famous credit bureau, but not just a credit bureau. Along with cibil you have Equifax, Experian and CRIF High Mark. These credit bureaus are licensed to operate by the RBI. Cibil is the oldest credit bureau. Cybill score is unique. Equifax or Experian have their own credit scores.

Myth # 3: No credit means better Cibil score

You have never received a loan or a credit card. You are a typical middle-class person who believes that a loan or credit card is available, which is very painful for your health and general health. You hire loans and credit cards. You have to have a perfect syllable score.

What is the truth?

You do not take the loan. You do not have a credit history. You do not have a credit score. This is not necessarily good for you. Banks are turning to the first-timers without a credit history. How will the bank know if you have to pay the loan? Tomorrow you need to avail the home loan, but the bank will not grant it, without any credit history.

Myth # 4: It is impossible to improve your cibil score

You have a low credit score. You heard that your cylinder score could not be improved. Is this true?

What is the truth?

No, this myth is definitely wrong. You can improve the credit score with good planning and financial discipline. Make sure your loans are repaid. If you delay your loan payments and have a bad sibling score, the road is not for you. Start repaying your credit EMI time. Your credit score will increase with time. If you can not manage your debt payments and if you have a bad credit score, seek professional help. There are professional credit health management companies that can help you manage your debt and improve your cibil score for free


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